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Our 4 Step Process


Commercial glazing window tint installations require that the contractor schedule the installation as one of the very last items in the construction cycle. The window film installation should closely follow the final cleaning on the glass. The space should have reached the point of substantial completion, including the finished ceiling, all interior finishes, flooring, and that the job site FF&E is complete.



All glazing covered by our scope of work shall be complete, or substantially complete and intact. No construction materials of any kind shall be in contact with the glazing in the scope. Materials that could cause issues for the film installation include, but are not limited to: caution tape, glass protection panels, paint, masking tape, or materials stored by other contractors up against the glass. Materials in contact with the glazing shall be removed by other and is not the responsibility of the film installer. The contractor is responsible for providing a minimum accessible 3′ working space on the side of the glazing to receive the film. Furniture, fixtures, and equipment in this area is to be moved by the owner, not the film installer. Any activity in the space which creates airborne dust particles shall take place at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled film installation. The activities include sanding, sweeping, blowing, grinding, or any other activity which creates dust.



If we are instructed to install the film in conditions that differs from those described in STEP 2 (Pre-Installation), it is understood that the application of the glazing film could have a significantly increased amount of airborne contaminates (Dust, carpet fibers, etc.) and is at risk for other potential issues that could affect the outcome of the film installation. We cannot be held responsible for issues caused by conditions that do not meet our job-site installation requirements. The contractor agrees that if we install film in dusty conditions, that the additional dust particles trapped under the film will be considered acceptable.



Post installation, it is the responsibility of the contractor to protect the film from damage caused by others. This damage could include, but is not limited to: scratches, gouge, rips, tears, damage from dollies, damage from furniture moving and assembly, damage from other tools, film damaged in any way by other contractors. The repair or replacement of any window tint damaged by others is not covered in our scope.


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